Thursday, September 21, 2006

The reason that I’m writing these 9th grade book reports is… well there are several reasons.

Reading fiction is a huge part of my life and a huge priority in my life. But I read so fast that I often feel that I don’t retain anything. I don’t remember book titles or authors’ names. I think (hope) that blogging my reading progress will help me to think about what I’m reading and why. I am also hoping to improve my writing skills. Did I just use blogging as a verb? Yikes.

I seem to be able verbalize what the books are about and what I’m taking from it to Ron better than here. I’ll work on it.

There is a connection between my photography and the reading. Much of the photographs, to me, are film stills. I have a constant search for, not necessarily narrative, but tableau and scene.

I think there is a librarian gene in me that is driven to document and categorize. I bought a notebook and started writing down the date, Title and Author of the books that I read. Some of you know that when we were kids, Peter and I cataloged our personal book collections with index cards. We thought this was normal. Our Dad is a librarian, that’s what you do. When I was an intern at Art Com when I was about 22 they thought this was hilarious. I never heard the end of it. Of course, they didn’t mind when I cataloged their video library.

Hee hee, spellcheck doesn’t recognize blogging.

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