Wednesday, September 06, 2006

God, I feel like I’m writing ninth grade book reports here. I’m soooo loving this book. I can’t stop reading it and don’t want it to end. I can’t actually remember writing book reports, expect maybe in grammar school. I had a great English class in 10th grade with Mr. Rodriquez. I remember he had us write stories in a certain writer’s style and I wrote one like Hemingway. It was really a very exciting project. I also liked a Saul Bellow book that we had to read for the class so he gave me a handful of Bellow. Mr. Rodriguez was sooo cool. Kind of a hippy, he drove an old Alfa Romeo and brewed his own beer. I had him for Creative Writing in 11th grade. That was a great class. My best friend Lisa Packwood was in it and my boyfriend Paul Donahoe. Mr. Rodriguez had us over to his house -- it was a small class. He also gave me a reading list for the summer between 10th and 11th. It included The Electric Kool - Aid Acid Test, Pride and Prejudice and some Dostoevsky. He was sooo fucking cool!

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Sam L said...

I love ninth grade book reports. Ninth grade reminds me of four square, school dances, breakdancing and the number 51, which was my number on the basketball team.