Monday, August 14, 2006

Wow, wild dreams last night. Lots of activities and people and travel. Tage from Propellerheads was there. There was a line to get in to some fancy special event and I snuck in with foreign dignitary. I remember eating fish --it was as though I was underwater and eating them live—they were spiny and crunchy. The man sat down next to me and I tried to make conversation and said "Have you tried the fish?' He said "No, I'm a vegetarian." And I realized it was Sting! Hahahaha

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ez said...

On Saturday, I was trying to shoot some video of the New York skyline from New Jersey at golden time. I was on a pier where there were many people fishing. One guy caught a big white eel. I turned my camera towards him, thinking that the eel was beautiful and that it moved in an interesting way. The man had gloves on, he couldn't get the hook out of the eels mouth. That eel was fighting. A small crowd gathered. One person said: why don't you just cut off it's head. Another person kept repeating: Is it gonna sting you? Is it gonna sting you?