Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I went to the best grocery store in the world today. I always go grocery shopping in Berkeley -- the mecca of food-- after therapy. Today I decided to try the Monterey Market. It was soooo fabulous. Amazing incredible produce half the price of Whole Foods. They had everything. Lots of speciality asian foods and hispanic foods. I got early girl tomatoes to make fresh pasta sauce, glorious green beans and corn, plus fruit. I want to take Daryl there!!!! And I got really excited because there was an Indian man behind me in line. Hee hee! I was trying to see what he was getting without being obvious ( Right). He bought lots of vegetable and fruit, okra, cauliflower, and green beans and cabbage. Of course what a cultural blunder to assume that he was cooking Indian food.

The neighborhood around the market was really nice. I want to move there and be a hardcore foodie and get a dog. Would that be weird to move to a neighorhood because of the market, to move to Berkeley for the food? Oh well, I'm not moving anytime soon.

BTW, the appt at the hand surgeon was moved to the 31st. Of course, I didn't find out til showed up,,,,

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