Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My photos are very influenced by painting. Although given a choice between viewing a painting show and a photography show, I’d probably choose the photography.

I started painting in order to take close ups of bits and pieces. I’ve been painting for about 2 months now and the paintings are beginning to have a life on their own. I think there are a few that stand on their own. My photography is so digital that it’s a nice contrast to have something else to do that is so analog and messy. I still see the paintings as process towards the photos as final product. I am learning and experimenting with color and I’m studying Joseph Albers’ Color Theories. I’m finding it all very enveloping and exciting. I’m just grazing the surface and dying to go deeper, I’m only just beginning to understand how to approach gesture. I haven’t done anything besides photography and video for 20 years so I’m thinking a lot about my previous days with paint and the people that were around then.

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