Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm at the NAMM tradeshow for musical instruments in Anaheim, CA. This is a photo from my second NAMM show in July 1987. This is David Willenbrink, me and Donny Blank from Blank Software. Our flagship product was Alchemy. This booth was designed by David Therrien and is made of patina copper, neon in tanks of water with bubbles. Josh Rosen drove from SF to Phoenix, picked up the booth and drove to Atlanta. It was quite remarkable. Atlanta was hot, humid and surreal. One night David and I walked around the different hotels looking for people and stumbled upon a Star Trek Convention. We were so tapped out and cash poor that we didn't have any cash for Josh to drive back so I sold 3 copies of Alchemy for cash to an Australian Distributor for $300 each in cash.

Big shout out to Andy Hong and Bill Leigh and all my peeps who come to my blog.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic booth - beats the heck out of the bland corporate dregs we see now.

I still miss Alchemy. It, along with Vision/Studio Vision, represents a huge amount of music-making.

Oh, and I love your glasses!


Anonymous said...

Actually it was 1988, but whatever. One of the all-time best booths ever.

[dave o]

Scott MacLeod said...

sweet photo - lots of good photos here