Thursday, February 08, 2007

My friend Joseph commented, "Oh the lampost has moved to the top of the page." Actually it's a new photo of the lampost. I've been taking photos of it at different times of day and in different weather.

You may have noticed photos of cigarette butts. I took the first photo because the design on the cigarette was so great. It's a brand called Turkish Royal which I've never heard of. I started going back to that house and looking for more cigarette butts on the sidewalk and taken several photos of different butts there. I tell Ron that I'm going to go stalk Turkish Royal (that's how I refer to the person who smokes them.) Maybe I'll catch him/her in the act someday!

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Anonymous said...

Turkish Royals is a type of cigarettes from the Camel company. They are more expensive, but "fancier" as I've heard.

-- You're photography is beautiful. I am working on mine as well, as seen in my blog:
Your work is certainly an inspiration, especially the abstractions. -- Great work.