Saturday, January 27, 2007

I’ve haven't been writing very much on here but I mean to. I was never one for new year’s resolutions but I find myself with a list this year. Go to the gym, go to the gym.

Organize and archive my photos, create a flicker set, take more photos, learn photoshop, take photoshop class, learn HTML, make photography website, write more.

But I haven’t been doing much of anything. Sleeping, lying in bed and not sleeping. Today, I can choose between cleaning, laundry, painting, going for a walk, watching a movie. Ten bucks if you can guess what I will choose.

I haven’t really bounced back from the pneumonia. I have no stamina, my joints are still flared. I could use a nice heatwave. We usually get nice heatwaves sometime in February, and then I could take some nice walks and sit on the roof and sit in the sun. That would be nice. Instead I sit inside with 3 sweaters on and fantasize about buying the $300 boots that are on sale for $260 and how they would make me happy. Forgetting that I am saving $800 for a new camera. Maybe I should draw pictures of boots.

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